IPY courses



Special IPY summer 2008 student possibilities in permafrost and physical geography/geology at UNIS

The Geology Department at UNIS is celebrating the IPY by offering two special courses: One at the undergraduate level in physical geography/geology, and one at the graduate level in permafrost science.


The AG-212 Holocene and Modern Climate Change in the High Arctic -  Svalbard REU is offered as a month long field course held at Kapp Linne in western Svalbard for undergraduates. This course focuses on studying ongoing processes in an entire catchment area including the Linne glacier, with fluvial sediment transport leading to sedimentation into lake Linne . The course in given as part of the US Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) project, which includes 10 US students in addition to up to 3 UNIS students. Course period: mid July to mid August. 10 ECTS points. You find more information on the website:  Course info AG-212


The AG-333 The International University Course on High Arctic Permafrost Landscape Dynamics in Svalbard and Greenland is held as part of the IPY project Permafrost Observatory Project: A Contribution to the Thermal State of Permafrost (TSP) for graduate students. The purpose of the course is to compare permafrost conditions in Svalbard with NE Greenland, by doing intensive fieldwork in both areas within the course period 14 August 6 September. We focus on performing shallow boreholes into the permafrost of different periglacial landforms to obtain sediment cores for geochemical analyses and for doing installations for ground thermal recording. These installations will be part of the Permafrost Observatories being established during IPY in Svalbard around Longyearbyen and at Kapp Linne and in Zackenberg in northeast Greenland . We can have up to 10 students in this course, which gives you 10 ECTS points. You find more information on the website: Course info AG-333


Please remember there is no tuition fee for these courses. Students only have to pay a small sum to cover a part of the food costs during fieldwork.

The application deadline for both courses is 15 April, apply by using the UNIS application web !