TSP NORWAY activity calendar


Year Month Date Event
2010.04.06 High nitrous oxide production from thawing permafrost is the title of a Nature Geoscience paper authored by two UNIS-professors Bo Elberling and Hanne H. Christiansen, and published online today.   Click here to read more.
2009.11.11 Cryo-Ex/IPY Ctryospheric Science Meeting in Ottawa, Canada, 16-19 October 2009.  Click here to read more.
2009.06.25 Instrumentation of 90 m deep permafrost borehole at Lunckefjellet, 900 m asl., Spitsbergen, Svalbard. Click here to read the details.
2009.05.22 Young geoscience-students in Gausdal, eastern southern Norway, finds indications for permafrost. Click here to read more (in Norwegian).
2009.05.14 Malvik High School in Norway participates in IPY/TSP activities, using a freeze box developed by TSP-Norway. Click here to read more (in Norwegian).
2009.05.13 Article on the TSP-Norway permafrost database appears in the science news web journal Forskning.no. Click here to read more. 
2009.05.04 Developing permafrost cooperation between TSP-NORWAY, UNIS and University of Alaska, Fairbanks. Click here to read more.
2009.04.10 In cooperation with the research project CRYOSLOPE SVALBARD aerial photography has been carried out on Nordnes (Troms), using a remote controlled airplane. Click here to proceed to the CRYOSLOPE SVALBARD webpage to read more about this mapping (news 2009-04-01). 
2009.03.27 Thermistor string installed in permafrost borehole on the mountain Breinosa, central Spitsbergen. Located 667 m above sea level, this represents the highest borehole instrumented by TSP-NORWAY. Click here to read the details.

The first Norwegian permafrost database, NORPERM, is now online and ready for use. Click here to read more about the database development and how to access the data.

2009.01.16 The first ground temperature measurements are obtained from a deep borehole at Iškoras, Finnmark, northern Norway. Click here to read more.
2009.01.08 Norwegian television (NRK1) broadcasts the research programme 'Schrødingers Katt', with permafrost in Svalbard as one of the main themes. It is now almost one year since some of the TSP-Norway permafrost boreholes were drilled in Svalbard, and part of the TV-broadcast shows the TSP-Norway drilling in progress on one of the major pingos in central Spitsbergen. Click here to watch the TV-programme. Select the menu point 'Permafrosten - en tikkende klimabombe?'
2008.09.27 The first full year of TSP field measurements in Adventdalen, Svalbard. Click here to read more.
2008.09.23 Collecting the first year of temperature data from the Nordnes rock slide mountain, Troms. Click here to read more.

Successful field work in Finnmark and Troms, Northern Norway 2008. Click here to read more.

2008.08.18 TSP-Norway launches new IPY-course in Svalbard and Greenland. Click here to read more about this, or use the lower button on the left panel to go directly to the course blog, which will be updated during the course period 14 August - 6 September 2008. 
2008.08.09 TSP-Norway project leader Hanne H. Christiansen elected Vice President for the International Permafrost Association (IPA). Click here to read more about this.
2008.08.02 TSP-Norway installations at Isfjord Radio on the west coast of Spitsbergen are demonstrated for participants on the annual course on Svalbard themes (Svalbardkurset). Click here to see more; scroll down to text describing events 2. August.
2008.07.28 Ground temperatures at karst lakes on Vardeborgsletta, western Spitsbergen.  Click here to read more about this project.
2008.07.26 Solifluction snapshot from Kapp Linne, western Spitsbergen.  Click here to read more about this project.
2008.07.25 TSP-NORWAY recovering first parts of the permafrost snapshot in Svalbard.  Click here to read more about this.
2008.05.11 Successful TSP-NORWAY permafrost drilling campaign in Svalbard resulted in 11 new boreholes in Nordenskiölds land, representing a suite of different topographic settings and altitudes. Click here to read more about this.

TSP Norway presentations at the European Geosciences Union Conference

Geoscientists from all over Europe get together for the General Assembly in Vienna , in Austria each year in April. This is a week long, large conference with around 6000 scientists participating, and this year with special focus on presenting some of the first results of the IPY projects. Five TSP Norway scientists participated in the Conference with 4 abstracts representing different parts of the research.

Project leader Hanne H. Christiansen, UNIS, gave an overview of the present state of the TSP project internationally with focus on the preliminary TSP Norway project results both from Northern Norway and Svalbard including the education and outreach part of the project. The first online permafrost borehole data from Gruvefjellet, Svalbard was presented. Herman Farbrot, working as researcher in the project at University of Oslo , presented the first steps towards a TTOP (Temperature of the Top of the Permafrost) model for Northern Norway . TSP post.doc. Håvard Juliussen, UNIS, presented a poster on active layer monitoring using geoelectrical resistivity tomography, showing results from almost one years of field measurements in Svalbard . Ketil Isaksen, met.no, presented a poster with initial results from the nine new boreholes in Northern Norway .

2008.04.15 Permafrost boreholes in Colesdalen southwest of Longyearbyen, Svalbard, being chased to allow later installation of thermistor strings. Click here to read more.
2008.04.13 BTS measurements at Iskoras, Finnmark, Northern Norway. Click here to read more about this investigation.
2008.04.07 Svalbard permafrost borehole in Larsbreen rock glacier. Click here to read the details.
2008.04.04 Newspaper Svalbardposten reports on TSP-NORWAY project in relation to climate change and stability of buildings in Longyearbyen, Svalbard. Click here to read the interview with Arne Instanes.
2008.04.02 Svalbard online permafrost temperatures reported by the popular science programme Schrödingers katt (NRK1). Click here to read more.
2008.03.19 Svalbard online permafrost temperatures from Gruvefjell. Click here to read the details.
2008.02.28 Winter permafrost borehole drilling started in Svalbard.  Click here to read and see more.  Click here for link to article in Svalbardposten March 7, 2008.
2007.12.18 Interview with Hanne H. Christiansen in the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten: Permafrosten kan holde store deler av Fjell-Norge sammen. Men ingen kjenner konsekvensene fordi fenomenet ikke er kartlagt. Click here to read the interview.
2007.12.10-14 TSP-Norway have two presentations at the 2007 AGU Fall Meeting. Click here to download pdf-copy of TSP-Norway poster1 (1 MB). Click here to download pdf-copy of TSP-Norway poster2 (0.4 MB).
2007.11.30 TSP-Norway is presented in a pedagogical context by Ivar Berthling at NTNU. Click here to download pdf-copy of his talk (7MB).
2007.10.08 Second TSP project group meeting in Oslo at the Meteorological Institute. Click here for more information.
2007.09.27 Lecture by Herman Farbrot on permafrost in Troms, Finnmark and Svalbard. Finnfjordbotn vidaregående skole, Troms. Click here for abstract.
2007.08 Field campaign in the Troms region, northern Norway. Drilling and installation of permafrost boreholes.
2007.08.21-26 Field campaign in the Inner Troms region, northern Norway. Investigating the presence of permafrost in potential unstable slopes.
2007.07.21-29 Field campain at Kapp Linne. Installation of rock glacier surveying points and geophysical investigations for locating sites for permafrost boreholes to be drilled and installed winter 2007-2008.
2007.07.09 Forskning.no web-publication "Forbereder seg på flodbølge" on permafrost and landslide risk at Nordnes in Troms, North Norway.
2007.07.06 Article in SVALBARDPOSTEN on graduate UNIS field course AG327 at Isfjord Radio, permafrost, the solifluction station and the international IPY-activities. Click here for pdf-copi (2 MB).
2007.06.21-07.05 Field campaign at Kapp Linné at the west coast of Svalbard. Installation of solifluction station and geophysical investigations for locating sites for permafrost boreholes to be drilled and installed winter 2007-2008.
2007.06.25-30 Reconnaissance in the Troms region, northern Norway, to locate potential sites for permafrost boreholes.
2007.06.05 Publication in Journal APOLLON on the potential effects of thawing permafrost in Norway, with emphasis on the TSP NORWAY project. Click here for web-version of the article.
2007.04.10-05.07 A new graduate university course AG330 on Permafrost and Periglacial Environments was held at UNIS, Svalbard. Students from 7 nations participated in the course. Four TSP NORWAY and 1 TSP CANADA member participated in the course as teachers. Click here for additional information from UNIS homepage. Click here for photo showing example of student field activity.
2007.03.01 Project leader Hanne H. Christiansen represented TPS NORWAY in the science programme at the IPY opening at UNIS, Svalbard. The project was also represented at the official IPY opening celebrations at the FRAM Museum in Oslo.
2007.02.14-15 Planning and kick-off meeting at the Norwegian Geological Survey (NGU) in Trondheim. Click here for photo from the meeting.